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Proprietary Anti-Footprints System

Finally, a Link Building provider that Acts on your SEO Project’s Security

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What is Backlink Security?

Backlink Security refers to the notion that all backlinks pointing to your website, as part of an SEO campaign, need to be independent enough and not contain any footprints.

Search engines constantly evolve and look for signs of backlink manipulation. Whether it’s guest posts, niche edits, homepage links or any other type of backlink.

A Quality Backlink is a backlink that does not leak any traceable footprints pointing to the backlink builder or their client.

Why is Footprints Protection Hard to Enforce?


When a backlinks provider creates links for a client, for example a Guest Posts, they go through a process.

That process usually has a lot of manual steps involved. For instance:

• Choosing the website
• Preparing the content
• Publishing the content

On each step, there are multiple rules to follow, in order to keep the quality high.

And this sounds simple.

Until the moment they start processing hundreds (if not thousands) of orders per month, which requires a large team of Order Specialists and Writers.

Which brings two important questions:

1. How do you enforce quality rules upon 50+ people, especially under pressure
2. How do you know what rules to enforce exactly, in order to avoid Google Footprints?

How QGP Enforces Quality Rules

The only way you can enforce proper quality checks during this process is through automation.

That’s why we’ve built the QGP 3.0 Platform, which is an Enterprise-Grade custom-built software designed to encapsulate the QGP service and make it more powerful and robust.

The QGP 3.0 Platform contains numerous quality and footprint avoidance features that are automated and enforced upon our Orders and Writers teams, during the process of execution.

You can enforce a process on this level of volume only with software. And good software is expensive.

The Types of Footprints


Automatically checking the quality of articles/sites, however, is not good enough.

We’re in the SEO industry, and all SEO content and links are crawled by Bots. Not humans.

And these bots (e.g. the Google Crawler) are created by Network and Software engineers, who know what to look for. These algorithms are designed to detect connections between the different backlinks, on two general levels:
Network Level Content Level

The Content-Level anti-footprints measures are especially interesting, because they are created by the writers, not by the people doing the SEO.

Things like:

Number of paragraphs across articles Keyword placement across articles Content similarity across articles Link similarity across articles And many others

And the caveat here is “across articles”.

Because let’s say you order a batch of 20 articles from an SEO provider.

You run each of them through an anti-plagiarism checker like CopyScape.

And you find nothing.

But guess what?

The chances are that these 20 articles are written by the same writer.

So, have you actually compared every delivered article against every other delivered article, before they are actually indexed by the tool?

Most probably, the answer is “no”. And here’s a massive footprint.


The same goes with keyword placement, link placement, paragraph size, et cetera. Writers tend to reuse a lot of these components for batch orders, which introduces footprints.

The solution?

The QGP Anti-Footprints System (AFS)

Fortunately for us, QGP’s founder is a Network Engineer and a Software Consultant/Developer. He’s also very knowledgeable about SEO. (don’t believe me? Check his LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/kostahristov/ )

So he designed the QGP 3.0 Link Building Platform with a magnitude of safeguards, quality checks, as well as a Dedicated Anti-Footprints System that automatically enforces various rules every time:

A site is chosen through the system
A writer submits a piece of content

Essentially eliminating the core set of footprints typically found with most link building providers.

Through proper enterprise-grade automation.

So what’s the end result?


When using QGP to build your SEO backlinks, you and your SEO projects are automatically protected.

Out of the box, at no additional cost.



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