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The QGP Domains Database

We’ve spent 7+ years negotiating to find the best websites for you

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Our Database - The Core of the QGP Service


At QGP, we have a few main components that make us unique.

First, we have the QGP 3.0 Platform. Developed over 3 years by our senior in-house software team and a few hundreds of thousands of dollars in investment.

Second, we have our Stellar Support & Negotiations Team. Experienced client managers who take full control over our clients’ orders, follow a well-defined process and, essentially, do the heavy lifting.

But there’s also a third component that makes QGP irreplaceable in your SEO link building arsenal.

Our monstrous database of websites.

90,000+ Negotiated Domains


Over the past 7 years, we’ve negotiated 90,000+ deals with website owners, bloggers and brokers, so that our clients can get access to them.

All these websites are crawled by the QGP 3.0 bots. Their HTML extracted, their SEO metrics analyzed and available in Real-Time through our client portal.

1,200,000+ Pages Analyzed


In addition to crawling the Homepages, we’ve also crawled all the sub-pages of these websites, so they can populate our Niche Edits (Link Insertions) Service.

This way, our clients get easy access to 1,200,000+ pages, all ranking for keywords, with the powerful QGP 3.0 search interface.

How Most Link Building Providers Find Websites?


There’s 3 typical ways that standard SEO link providers find websites to sell links on:

1. They use a public list of websites, freely circulating online

The problem with using public lists and brokers is obvious - the more SEOs use a website, the higher the chance for footprints and a potential Google penalty.

Eventually, these lists reach Google and most sites get marked for deindexation, best case, or marked as baits/traps, worst case.

2. They use PBNs (Private Blog Networks)

The problem with using PBNs is, again, footprints, but on a more technical level. When a PBN network is developed, there’s a magnitude of footprints that can be introduced both on the Network and Content levels.

And don’t get me wrong - PBNs do work.

But when they are really private, and not offered freely on the Internet.

3. They use their own small private lists of websites

Which is actually the right thing to do.

But, the problem with having a limited number of websites is a logistical one. You simply don’t have enough sites to publish links to, leading to an overuse as you grow as a service.

Building your own list of websites is the way to go in terms of quality and safety.

Except there’s one problem.

It takes a lot of time and money that providers are usually not willing to invest.

How is the QGP 3.0 Database Different?


The QGP database is unique in a few key aspects:

7+ Years of Outreach and Investment

First, we spent 7+ years of constant outreach and investment to negotiate all the deals that we have.

You can’t fake hard work.

The result is 90,000+ websites and 1,200,000+ pages available for your SEO projects.

Advanced Crawlers that Analyze the Data

Second, we built QGP 3.0 around this concept, so that all of our websites are crawled and analyzed in real-time.

So that there are no stalled metrics, no deindexed sites. It’s all automated and easy to keep fresh.

A Database Free of Footprints

Third, we built our own proprietary Anti-Footprints System (AFS), so that our database (and the domains we deliver) is clean of any accidental footprints, and that our writers are forced to not introduce accidental footprints inside the content.

It takes a lot of technical knowledge on how the Network and software algorithms work, as well as a lot of common sense. But we’ve done a pretty good job at that.

Sophisticated Ordering Interface to Match Every Need

And finally, we built the QGP 3.0 Client Portal, that allows you to browse our monstrous database of websites, domains and pages/URLs, in order to find the most relevant, most visited, and most efficient content to publish your links on, based on your SEO project’s specifics.

The Future of Off-Page SEO


We at QGP will keep striking more deals and expanding our database.

Because regardless of how SEO evolves in the future, it will always depend on off-page signals, one way or another.

Whether it’s links, as in the moment, mentions or even semantic associations, there will always be one single most important factor that affects rankings:

What you don’t have control over.

And that’s the websites that other people own.

The core of the QGP database.




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