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What type of backlinks do you offer?

We offer:

  • Guest Posts - links inside unmarked sponsored articles (new pages)
  • Niche Edits - link insertions to pages with authority (existing pages)
  • Homepage Links - links on the Homepages of websites
Do you offer pre-approval of Domains/URLs?

Yes, you can choose whether you want to approve all domains before delivery, or leave it to our Orders Team.

Even if you leave the choosing of the sites to us, you can always add specific instructions when placing an order. Our team negotiates heavily in real-time, so quality will be high.

Do you use AI for content writing?

No. We still have our Writers Team in place that manually write articles.

This is usually NOT the case for most of the link building providers out there.

Google's requirements and penalties on AI-generated content can change anytime.

To us, the long-term safety of the content we deliver is more important than short-term profits.

Is the service manual?
The search for websites, negotiations with bloggers and links publishing are fully manual.

We don’t publish links automatically and we don’t distribute content in an automated manner.

The QGP 3.0 platform augments the whole process, provides a better interface, quality validation, improved execution speed, support and tracking in a real-time manner.

But at the core of QGP is our exceptional Support and Negotiations team.
Do you offer bulk discounts?

Yes, send us a message and we can send you more information.

What payment options do you accept?
We accept PayPal and direct bank transfers.
How do I Sign Up?

You can request access to the QGP platform from our Sign Up Page!



Greg Morrison

5/5 Customer Rating

Kosta's service is my go to for outreach link building.

I have probably done close to 6 figures in orders with him personally and have recommended him to hundreds of my most important customers.

Because I have over 1,000 websites and constantly run tests, Kosta took my feedback and data and implemented it into his service to make it the most powerful of its kind out there, and only increasing in power as time goes on because of the things he is doing behind the scenes; which I can't talk about ?

This is one of my biggest secret weapons for SEO today.

Greg Jeffries

5/5 Customer Rating

This is an EXCELLENT link-building service. It's simple, affordable, streamlined, and the service is exceptional. So, if you're looking for a solution to buy high quality backlinks that HAVE traffic, then I would highly recommend QGP.

Johnny Chen

5/5 Customer Rating

This team really cares. Been using quality guest posts for 5+ years and would keep using it.

Paul Kohn

5/5 Customer Rating

The work done here is exceptional. We loved the attention to detail and the efficiency of the work. Always kept in the loop through the process.

Igor Yadgarov

5/5 Customer Rating

Great service and advanced process. Data driven. Results have been good so far.

Mateja Matić

5/5 Customer Rating

There are so many things I like about QGP. I like their very direct and honest approach, I like the newsletter, I like how you can select if you want PBNs or real sites, I like the entire way they offer their links and service. Definitely my first go-to source when I need backlinks.

Tim Schmidt

5/5 Customer Rating

QGP is my go-to source for guest posts and high quality backlinks. I've been in the SEO space over 20 years and there is no more knowledgable, helpful team than the ones at QGP. I use them for my internal projects and private clients.

Chris Romero

5/5 Customer Rating

Hands down, it is the best link-building company I have worked with, from availability and customization to trackability and support. I am glad I switched to QGP because of my needs in this ever-changing landscape, which is semantically driven by AI and search algorithms.

Richard Merry

5/5 Customer Rating

I've been using QGP since 2018, and they are my go-to backlinking service. As an SEO agency, it's important to create quality, relevant backlinks that get results, and that's exactly what QGP provides. Their order processing platform enables you to pick the perfect link, and their customer service is the best I've experienced. I highly recommend QGP for backlinks.

Adrian Tatum

5/5 Customer Rating

QGP offers an easy-to-use set of tools allowing your agency to quickly drill down and find guest posting opportunities that exactly fit your clients' needs. The links they provide are of the highest quality.

The added filtering and anti-footprint functionality mean there are several things that you don't have to worry about.

Kosta and his team go the extra mile to ensure client satisfaction. I highly recommend QGP services

Matt Nickol

5/5 Customer Rating

QGP has been our main guest post provider since 2020. Their customer service is absolutely phenomenal, and any questions or concerns are answered immediately through their live chat feature. Kosta consistently improves upon his service and offers new features such as niche edits and the QGP 3.0 Platform. They offer very competitive pricing and great turnaround time on their links. I don't know what we would do without QGP.com!

Chris Morris

5/5 Customer Rating

I can't recommend this service enough! The team behind it has a network of around 10,000 websites, including both real and PBNs, ready to place your links on their homepages. The FAQ section explains everything clearly. Homepage links are incredibly powerful because they are the hardest to obtain. Unlike guest posts or niche edits, there are only a few spots available on a homepage, making them highly valuable.

One thing that stands out is the transparency about the recurring fee for homepage links. It makes sense because website owners are particular about what goes on their homepages. The convenience of this service is unmatched. Instead of going through the hassle of building and maintaining a PBN, you can simply rent a link and have it placed immediately on a well-established website.

I've been using this service for a while now, and I've seen a significant improvement in my website's SEO. The QGP Crawlers finding out which sites have traffic is a game-changer. Overall, this service is efficient, effective, and worth every penny. Highly recommend!

Aaron Parker

5/5 Customer Rating

I have been using QGP For a number of years and I am always impressed, not only by the level of service and cost of products, but by the effectiveness of the link building that it provides. The very simple user interface just makes it so easy to order links and to monitor their progress, as well as to vary the attributes of the links themselves (such as number of images in an article, different types of anchor text etc). The real power though, comes from the depth of the database that QGP have built up over the years and from the personal connection that they have been with their website owners. This means that you have around 80,000 sites to choose from, in a myriad of niches and industries, and you can select your potential sites based on attributes such as age, traffic and ranking. You just can't get this anywhere else. Also, because they've already done all the hard work of finding these sites, you save months of pain from having to do it yourself. It truly is the best backlink service bar none, and with new link types being added, the service just keeps getting better. I thoroughly recommend them to anybody needing links for their site.

Timo Specht

5/5 Customer Rating

QGP is different to any other guest post service out there.
The way you can plan your linking sources from a topical & authoritative standpoint is highly precise and highly effective for target domains.
Best thing is: Bulk ordering at maximum quality. Thanks to QGP for your great service!




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