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Category: Standard

The Google Rankings Leak? Here's what I have to say

May 31, 2024 BY Kosta

And how it affects your SEO strategy Ah, the classic whistleblower scandal. This is what happens when you decide to f*ck up a ton of small and medium info businesses, while at the same mindlessly pushing with an untested AI bot just to make your investors happy. But that's another story. I'll write about the psychology behind it in […]

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Homepage Links are COMING to QGP!!

May 13, 2024 BY Kosta

It's HOMEPAGE LINKS time!!!  Ok, that sounds a bit dramatic, but it's been in development for a few months now. And releasing such a service isn't exactly smooth sailing, when you need to integrate it with the QGP 3.0 Ordering Interface. 🙂 Next month (June), we're releasing Homepage Backlinks in QGP! The way it'll work […]

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Massive Quality Improvements Coming to QGP

April 19, 2024 BY Kosta

Because quality is top priority for us Alright everyone, I wanted to share with you some BIG quality improvements that are coming to QGP over the next few weeks. Better read until #3, because it's the BIGGEST change! FIRST - Toxicity Score Introduction (DTOX) This metric includes a multitude of footprints that are typical to PBNs […]

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Join 30,000+ Professional SEO
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